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providing affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy to improve people’s lives and enable human progress


chevron's response to COVID-19

Chevron has mobilized local, regional and global teams to address the pandemic’s impact on the company and to proactively address potential risks.

Enabling human progress in a sustainable manner requires reliable, affordable, and ever-cleaner energy to serve the world’s growing population and create a better future.

This vision guides Chevron’s sustainability efforts and approach to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities.

2019 sustainability report

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We disclose our performance data annually, on topics like our global employee diversity and energy efficiency including air, waste and water metrics.

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Key ESG actions

key ESG actions

Each year, we highlight key actions that reflect our company’s values and demonstrate our commitment to long-term sustainability.

review our sustainability performance

review our sustainability performance

We strive to measure, report and improve our sustainability performance.